DUSC Fantasy Premier League 2019/2020


DUSC Fantasy Premier League 2019/2020

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Deadline to join by August 8th at midnight.


It's hard to believe the Premier League starts this Friday on August 9th. For some, it's the beginning of a glorious season. For others, it's the start of the end as their team finds their way towards relegation.

As fans, we want to taste this experience for better or for worse. What better way to get involved than Fantasy Premier League!

DUSC invites you to pick your own squad and compete against other DUSC community members in the Fantasy Premier League for the 2019/2020 season. You are given £100m to pick 15 players to make up your ultimate premiership team. Think you've got what it takes to top our group?

Glory is great...but what can you win?

1st through 3rd place will be rewarded with signed pro memorabilia and prestigious bragging rights.

Prizes to be awarded at the half season mark, which will be after Gameweek 19 on the FPL website. New prizes will be added for the second half of the season.

Want to join our group? Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and create a team

Step 2: We recommend you name your squad in the following format

--> [Last Name_DUSCTeamName] or [Last Name_DUSCProgramName]
Example: Krakowsky_B2004Blue or Krakowsky_Recreation

This way we know which part of our community knows most about the Prem!

Step 3: Join the DUSC group using code 4alxv5

Deadline to join by August 8th at midnight. Good Luck!


Girls International Trip to France - 2019

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Girls International Trip to France - 2019

The 2019 World Cup Final at Parque Olympique Lyonnais.

The 2019 World Cup Final at Parque Olympique Lyonnais.

A group from our Girls Academy spent this year’s International Trip in France. It was the perfect time to head to the nation, as the 2019 Women’s World Cup was just entering the final stages of the tournament. On their agenda was everything from visits to landmark locations in France to tickets to the World Cup Semi-Final and Final matches.

On Friday, June 28th the group set off to John F. Kennedy airport for their departure. The girls were even able to watch the USA knock out the home nation, France, prior to taking off. The first stop of two locations in France was Paris. While there, the girls explored the city through activities such as boat rides on the Seine River and visits to both the Louvre and Montmartre.

Stade de Reims

Stade de Reims

A bit of pickup outside the Montmartre.

A bit of pickup outside the Montmartre.

The trip, of course, had a nice balance between cultural activity and hard work. Thanks to the coaching staff, the girls were able to get in a couple of training sessions before their friendly against the local side, Stade De Reims.

When Paris was all said and done, the group took off for their second and final location, Lyon. They took a high speed train to Lyon for one of the marquee events on the itinerary, the World Cup Semi-Final between the USA and England. For good measure, they were also able to watch the Semi Final between the Netherlands and Sweden.

FC Annecy

FC Annecy

In Lyon, the team had two more friendlies with one match was against AC Avignon and the other against FC Annecy. The group won both matches, making their record three for three on the trip.

Before departing home, the girls had a chance to participate in something very special. Our group had tickets to the World Cup Final between the USWNT and the Dutch.

World Cup Experience Pitch

World Cup Experience Pitch

Parque Olympique Lyonnais

Parque Olympique Lyonnais

Instead of summarizing this final part of the trip in detail, we encourage you to read a creative piece written by a player who was on the trip, Simrun Bose (G2001/2002 Blue). She touches on the World Cup Final and much more. Enjoy!

You can find her incredibly described summary below:

“We sit in rows in JFK, eyes glued to the television screen. Soccer bags scatter the surrounding area - a sure hazard for those unfortunate travelers near us. No sound comes from the TVs, and a tense nervousness plagues our little area. Through eager eyes we stare at the screen as our idols of the USWNT face France in the quarterfinal of the World Cup. We had watched the first half on various phones as we maneuvered our way through security, but now in the comfort of a gate, we take in the rest. When Megan Rapinoe scores her second of the game in the 65th doubling the lead to 2-0, we erupt in screams of joy and pride. We’re a group of around 40 American teenagers, loud and full of energy, and very much in love with the USWNT, about to enter a country that we just eliminated from the World Cup. I fear they’ll hate us. Spoiler: I was wrong. 

Our time in France was nothing short of amazing. Considering we were there for only about 9 full days, we managed to fit in quite the agenda. We flew into Paris and immediately the activities commenced. My personal highlights include a boat ride down the Seine, the early morning walks my friends and I would take exploring the city (we even navigated French public transportation!), and a venture out to Montmartre - though described on Google as simply “a large hill in Paris,” I can assure you that it is much more. One day after visiting the Louvre, my friend Andie and I, itching to get some touches on a ball, decided to take on a project for the trip of filming ourselves juggling in various places throughout Paris and Lyon. Another of my projects was filming teammates sleeping on the bus and putting it all together in a compilation made complete with music. Some may call it weird, I call it art. 

On our fourth day, we took a high speed train from Paris to Lyon. Lyon, a smaller city than Paris, held a charming low key environment. In the Lyon area, we visited a medieval village (unexpected, but cool), a chocolate factory, and had our own trainings and games. But as expected, the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend both semi final matches and the final of the World Cup were most definitely the highlight. I don’t think it ever fully hit me that I was really there; the experience was incredibly surreal. Watching the women I so deeply admire play made me incredibly grateful, and the energy of the stadium was overwhelming in the best way. There were moments of anxiety before penalties and after injuries, moments of collective holding of breath and heartbreak, and moments of brilliance when the stadium would erupt in screams and hollers. When the final whistle of the 2019 World Cup blew, I looked to my right and amidst fireworks and drums and endless cheering, my friend was crying silent tears of pure happiness. 

To conclude, I’m going to share a moment from the trip that not only completely obliterated my fear that the French wouldn’t enjoy us Americans, but also made me realize, as cliche as it sounds, the power soccer has to unite people. We had just won our second match 3-1 against a local team, FC Annecy, from Annecy, a town near the Swiss border. The day had already been one of my favorite - we had spent it at Lake Annecy, swimming and tanning, and later exploring the streets of the city dotted with colorful buildings and unrivaled ice cream. As we walk out of our locker room post match, we hear music and shouting from next door, the locker room of the opposing team. It sounds fun! We stand outside the door, hesitant, each of us wanting to go in, but also scared to knock. Finally a brave soul knocks and a French girl opens up. Before I know it I’m pulled inside the locker room, entering, in a sense, a mosh pit of sweaty soccer girls jumping around and dancing to a song I’ve never heard. At one point I take a French flag from a girl, whose name I later learn is Medhina, and hold it up proudly. The French girls are ecstatic, and so are we. To FC Annecy, it didn’t matter that they had just lost to us. In a matter of minutes we had gone from opponents to friends, separated by a language barrier but united in this locker room by a shared love of the game but also just because at the end of the day we’re teenage girls who like to have fun.”

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Update Regarding Gansevoort Peninsula


Update Regarding Gansevoort Peninsula


Dear DUSC Community,

We wanted to update you on the most recent information regarding the redevelopment of Gansevoort Peninsula. DUSC has been at the forefront of soliciting feedback from our parents and the larger youth sports community to ensure that Hudson River Park Trust listens to the community. We want to thank you for signing our petition, attending community board meetings, and being advocates for your child’s health and well being.

On July 24, Hudson River Park Trust hosted a public meeting where the design team of James Corner Field Operations put forth a concept presentation after receiving input from the community. See the full presentation HERE. The presentation shows two design concepts, one being with a smaller ball field, and a second with a larger ball field (minimum 300’ length). There was overwhelming consensus from those attending the forum that the larger field is necessary to support families and the downtown community. Following the meeting, see the Letter to HRPT regarding Gansevoort Peninsula Design Concept.pdf sent to Hudson River Park Trust by the Pier 40 Champions group (youth organizations in downtown Manhattan).

We will keep you updated as the process moves forward. Thank you for your continued support in advocating for more fields in lower Manhattan.



US Soccer Foundation Creator Kits Challenge


US Soccer Foundation Creator Kits Challenge

Downtown United Soccer Club partner, The US Soccer Foundation, ran an activation with Adidas throughout the month of June to promote both the women’s game as well as metropolitan field creation for soccer. 

Adidas packaged together “Creators Kits” which were distributed to regional partners and clubs via the US Soccer Foundation. These kits comprised of an Adidas drawstring bag, a size 4 ball, white chalk, custom Adidas “Dare to Create” tape, and stickers. The items were included in the kit in an effort to give kids all the tools they would need to be able to create a fully functional pitch to play soccer anywhere.

The Foundation asked clubs like DUSC to send photos or videos of their players using the Creator Kits. The media gathered was then to be submitted through email for a chance to get a free mini-pitch in their community. 

There’s no secret about the lack of playing space in the Downtown Manhattan area. With the help of the Foundation, DUSC jumped onto an opportunity to engage with this campaign and try to make a difference in the community. We were able to gather a group of middle school and high school aged girls to activate this campaign in a fun and creative way. This group was special, as it was made up of girls already in preparation for their International Trip to France this summer.

In the middle of a sunny Wednesday, the group met together at William F. Passannante Ballfield to lay chalk to the pavement and create a 4 v. 4 concrete pitch. Through teamwork, this group put together one of the nicer soccer facilities in Manhattan. Adidas branded “Dare to Create” tape marked the sidelines with chalk indicating the goalkeeping box, corner spots, and halfway line. For goals, local empty trash cans would do. 

After creating the pitch, the girls warmed up with some soccer tennis and then got to 4 v. 4 competition. The day was full of invention and fun. To top it all off, a quick pit stop at 7/11 for water and Slurpees on a hot summer’s day before one last DUSC training in the evening at Pier 40. 


One of the older participants, Amelia Negrete, had a comment on the Foundation’s effort to create more space for soccer in communities. She tied this to the special scenario we find ourselves in the Greater NYC area, “There is definitely not enough field space in NYC. Soccer practice, despite being only an hour and a half takes up a huge chunk of time because it’s hard to find space nearby. In the winter seasons, I always find myself traveling over an hour to small indoor courts or even to New Jersey just to find space to play.”

Amelia Negrete

Amelia Negrete

Amelia also shared with us her excitement for the International Trip to France, “On a more upbeat note I am incredibly excited to travel to France!! Not only do we get to see the World Cup, but we also get to explore a different country and meet many new people. I am most excited to play French teams because we come from different cultures but share the same love for soccer and I’m sure it is going to be an incredible experience.”


We know Amelia and the rest of the girls group had a great time in France as they not only trained and competed abroad, but also got to attend the final matches of the Women’s World Cup! Look forward to a recap of their trip coming soon.

A special thanks to Adidas, the US Soccer Foundation, and all of the girls who participated in creating a concrete pitch in Downtown Manhattan. We’re looking forward to hearing back from the Foundation regarding our submission. 


Full Gallery Below – Images by Jeb Burroughs


Generation Adidas International Press Release - Eva Kellner and Immanuel Sealey


Generation Adidas International Press Release - Eva Kellner and Immanuel Sealey


Downtown United Soccer Club sweeps up two generation adidas international Select nominations, sending Immanuel Sealey to Madrid, Spain to train at the Real Madrid Foundation and sending Eva Kellner to Lyon, France to train with Olympique Lyonnais.

ATLANTA, GA - For over ten years, generation adidas international has partnered with premier adidas clubs to develop youth soccer at the international level through its Select programs. Talented players are invited to train at the Real Madrid Foundation, A.F.C. Ajax, and Olympique Lyonnais, three of the world’s most powerful soccer clubs.

Each year, the top adidas clubs nationwide have the exclusive opportunity to nominate players to participate in the program. This August, talented players from some of the nation’s best clubs will take the field in Europe, training with top quality European academy coaches and playing against academy teams.


Eva Kellner to Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais Féminin is among the most successful teams in Europe and is a true powerhouse in European football. They have won 13 Division 1 Féminine championships in a row. Lyon boasts a record 17 Division 1 Féminine championships, 10 Coupe de France titles and 6 UEFA Women's Champions League titles. In addition to being trained by Olympique Lyonnais academy coaches, Eva Kellner will play in international friendly matches against Academy teams and receive individual evaluation from the coaches - an opportunity presented to few players worldwide.


Immanuel Sealey to Real Madrid Foundation

Immanuel Sealey will have the opportunity to experience the culture of soccer at one of the most prestigious men’s programs in the world – Real Madrid. Having won 33 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey titles, and a record of 13 UEFA Champions League titles, Real Madrid is one of the most successful clubs in men’s soccer, both nationally and internationally. Sealey will experience elite level development through specialized training with academy coaches, international friendly matches against academy teams, and individual evaluation.

About generation adidas international: generation adidas international emphasizes adidas’ role as the premier provider of elite developmental opportunities to its youth soccer clubs. With generation adidas international’s incomparable access to the world’s top academies and tournaments, adidas clubs have the opportunity to train and play at the sport’s most renowned institutions. With generation adidas international, the world of adidas soccer opens its doors. Where will you play?



The Global Game and DUSC Summer of 2019


The Global Game and DUSC Summer of 2019


There’s no shortage of soccer this summer of 2019. The Women’s World Cup kicked off last Friday, June 7th and will continue until July 7th where the two best teams will meet in Parc Olympique Lyonnais Stadium for the tournament Final. The facility has a 58,000 person capacity and making it a fantastic venue for the occasion.

The USWNT will play its first match on June 11th at 3PM (EST) against Thailand. Their remaining two group stages fixtures are against Chile on June 16th at 12PM and Sweden on June 20th at 3PM.  Coverage for this World Cup is presented by FOX and it’s network of channels. With the final match against #9 ranked Sweden, it will be important for the reigning World Cup Champions to perform throughout the entirety of the Group Stage to ensure the best positioning for a deep run.

A group of DUSC girls players combined from the G2005, G2006, and high school age groups will be spending time in Paris and parts of France during the World Cup period. This is part of their DUSC International summer trip and even features the opportunity to attend both the Semi-Final and Final of the Women’s World Cup.

Gold Cup White No Year.png

The Gold Cup will also be kicking off this summer on FOX. The tournament begins June 15th and continues until July 7th. On the back of several disappointing results for the USMNT, this Gold Cup comes as a test for the group under new coach Gregg Berhalter. The Men’s group stage matches will be played on the following dates: Tuesday, June 18th vs. Guyana | Saturday, June 22nd vs. Trinidad and Tobago |Wednesday, June 26th vs. Panama.

With a group of DUSC girls traveling and experience international soccer in France, our B2006 boys will be traveling to England this summer. This group will be spending time at Man City and Tottenham Hotspurs where they will engage with both clubs’ facilities and coaching staff.


Lastly, we are pleased to announce another group of DUSC players and coaches will be participating in Generation Adidas International. Eva Kellner (G2002 Blue) has been selected by Generation Adidas to join the Girls program in Lyon this summer, while Imanual Sealey (B2003 Blue) has been selected by Generation Adidas to join the Boys program in Real Madrid. Our Boys Technical Director (U12-U15), Jose Luis Rebay, will also be headed to Madrid as he was selected to be the Head Coach of the Boys group there.


DUSC Giving Day 2019 Summary


DUSC Giving Day 2019 Summary

_DSC1544 copy.jpg

Two weeks ago on May 31st, DUSC had it’s annual Giving Day. Each year the community unites together to raise money in an effort to sustain our programming and improve the future for our players.

Giving Day 2019 was our organizations most successful ever as a total of over $50,000 was raised. This total came from the accumulation of nearly 340 donations during the Giving Day period alone.

Our community’s benevolence is something the organization does not take for granted. The club’s daily operations would not be possible without our incredible supporters and families. The giving spirit showcased on Giving Day empowers us to serve the DUSC community in the following ways:

-Fields! Keeping our kids playing in safe, soccer environments in our community

-Scholarships! Ensuring we continue offering Soccer For All and that there are no financial barriers for NYC kids to join DUSC programs.

-Development! Enabling players to participate in international and college prep developmental experiences.

Thanks you all again for sending such a powerful message to support our mission and with your help continue to be the most progressive soccer club in NYC and beyond!


DUSC Partners with Special Olympics NYC


DUSC Partners with Special Olympics NYC


Downtown United Soccer Club and Special Olympics New York have partnered to launch a new soccer program for children with intellectual disabilities. The program will be a free 8- week program designed for ages 12-21. It will introduce participants to basic soccer skills, like dribbling, passing and shooting.

Starting on September 7th, the program will be open to the community and will offer participants the opportunity to share in the joy of soccer and being part of a team.

Our first session will be 9AM Saturday, September 7th at Chelsea Park, located at West 27th Street & 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. DUSC staff and volunteers will work one-on-one and in groups with children rotating through various activity stations. The program will run through November 9th at the same location, Chelsea Park.

The DUSC partnership with Special Olympics NYC is emblematic of our commitment to Soccer For All regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. Simply put, DUSC is for everyone.

We encourage our community to spread the word about our new partnership! If you or anyone you know would like to engage creatively with the program by looping in their media team from work, please reach out to Josh Krakowsky (josh.krakowsky@dusc.net) to coordinate.

When: September 7th - November 9th (runs for 8 weeks)

Where: Chelsea Park

Who: Children with intellectual disabilities

Ages: 12-21

Cost: FREE

Register Here


Thank You - Graduating Class of 2019


Thank You - Graduating Class of 2019


As DUSC transitions into the summer months, we also prepare to say goodbye to some of our graduating players.

These players range from first year DUSC participants to long term players of the club. Athletes from the following teams will be graduating this year: G2001 Blue, G2000 Blue, B2001 Orange, B2001 Blue, and B2000 Blue.

Our graduation send off started on May 30th at the Annual Parent Night in which we celebrated those who will be taking their next steps. The slideshow below showcases actions photos of our seniors as well as where they will be headed when they transition towards their respective futures.

Parent Night had two player speakers, who addressed their favorite moments from DUSC and the impact the club has had on their life thus far. Eli Hertz spoke on behalf of our DUSC girls graduating while Sacha Weiss spoke on behalf of the boys.

We reached out to both Eli and Sacha to share about their DUSC experiences for those who weren’t able to attend Parent Night.

“I started DUSC 8 years ago, in a little gym on the upper west side, in 5th grade. If I had to choose my favorite memories, they would be the games we won with 10 players; or the games we won after being down 2-0; or the games we won in pouring rain, in 90 degree weather etc. those games always seemed the most rewarding and always brought our group closer and at the same time taught us so much. The biggest lesson I learned at DUSC had to do with removing myself from my own bubble. Meaning soccer, in its simplest form, has a whole team relying on each other to succeed, so if you are having an off day, you have to remember that it affects everyone. In other words, playing for the whole team; thinking about the whole team.” - Eli Hertz

“I’ve been at DUSC since 5 years old. DUSC has always been my home and I’m quite proud of the loyalty I’ve shown towards my club in the past fourteen years. Some of my greatest memories include this year’s success - winning the top flight at Potomac (beating rivals Manhattan SC and reigning national champions Baltimore Celtic) and winning the Eastern NY State Cup. I’ll never forget the various coaches I’ve had at DUSC, they have all been strong leaders for me to look up to as I have grown up. Lastly, the bond I have with my teammates from battling together in training or matches are the greatest emotions that I’ll recall in the years to come. The feeling when the final whistle blows after you feel that you have done something truly special, as a collective, is distinct to anything else in the world. I am a blue forever. I’ll be back in the future to bring this club more glory.” - Sacha Weiss

As Sacha referenced, our goodbye with this class is particularly sweetened as our B2000 Blue team closed off their DUSC chapter by winning both the Potomac Memorial Tournament and Eastern New York State Cup.

The victory at Potomac resulted from 1-0 shutout against the #1 team in the nation, Baltimore Celtic SC 2000. The confidence from the Potomac victory rolled into State Cup competition as our B2000 Blue team defeated Black Watch Premier 3-1.

We wish the best for our graduating players and hope to stay in touch!

Click Here for our Alumni Page


Alison Buckley, G2000 Blue

Ambrosier Mitchell, G2000 Blue

Amelia Negrete, G2000 Blue

Ana Berman, G2000 Blue

Clara Burger, G2000 Blue

Eli Hertz, G2000 Blue

Gillian Randall, G2000 Blue

Kyra Birenbaum, G2000 Blue

Olivia Chinitz, G2000 Blue

Paris Gallagher, G2000 Blue

Amelia Smith, G2001 Blue

Amelia Glendening, G2001 Blue

Angye Galan, G2001 Blue

Etta Gold, G2001 Blue

Jessica Blanchard, G2001 Blue

Kaitlyn Fountain, G2001 Blue

Karol Guaman, G2001 Blue

Michelle Reyes, G2001 Blue

Noelle Parks, G2001 Blue

Zoe Contrubis, G2001 Blue

Sacha Weiss, B2000 Blue

Amiel Morrison, B2000 Blue

Elias Venetis, B2000 Blue

Guillermo Purchese, B2000 Blue

Jeremy Tetroashvili, B2000 Blue

Julian Burden, B2000 Blue

Lukas Kokkola, B2000 Blue

Mohammedou Sow, B2000 Blue

Nicholas Tagios, B2000 Blue

Omar Baddeley, B2000 Blue

Ryan Chuang, B2000 Blue

Thomas Ivashkiv, B2000 Blue

Andre Eisenberg, B2001 Blue

Claudio Ferri, B2001 Blue

Dan-Marlon Ospina, B2001 Blue

David Lopez, B2001 Blue

Edwin Zúñiga Lopez, B2001 Blue

Jack Posner, B2001 Blue

Joseph Petrini, B2001 Blue

Josiah Potts, B2001 Blue

Juan Cardenas, B2001 Blue

Julian Juantorena, B2001 Blue

Ryan Contreras, B2001 Blue

Anthony Lopez, B2001 Orange

George Chachkes, B2001 Orange

Jake Danese, B2001 Orange

Jose Martinez, B2001 Orange

Mario Olmedo, B2001 Orange

Martino Pellegrin, B2001 Orange

Omar Ndiaye, B2001 Orange

Omar Samih, B2001 Orange


DUSC May/June Tournament Finalists - Congrats!


DUSC May/June Tournament Finalists - Congrats!

We want to congratulate our DUSC teams that reached the finals of their respective tournament competitions for the end of May and Early June!

Girls –
G2008 Blue - Finalist (Needham Memorial Day Tournament)
G2007 Blue - Semi-Finalist (Needham Memorial Day Tournament)

Boys –
B2006 Blue - Finalist (Spring EDP Cup)
B2006 Blue - Finalist (New York State Cup)
B2003 Orange - Finalist (EDP Memorial Day Classic)
B2000 Blue - Champions (Potomac Memorial Day Showcase)
B2000 Blue - Champions - (NY State Cup)



The Future of Pier 40!


The Future of Pier 40!

DUSC Supports Amending the Hudson River Park Act ONLY IF more Sports Fields are guaranteed within the Act 

Dear DUSC Community,

There is another important meeting THIS EVENING, May 28th in our continuing efforts to see Pier 40 transformed to include the sports facilities that downtown Manhattan needs and deserves.  Our Local and State Elected Officials invite you to a Public Forum from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at MS 279, 75 Morton Street, Auditorium.  This is a forum to allow community feedback on a proposed amendment to the Hudson River Park Act that would allow commercial office use at Pier 40.  See proposed language  HERE DUSC needs to be represented and to voice our position.  We need your support again.

We support a changing of the Act and, while we appreciate the progress that has been made by our Elected Officials in developing this amendment, certain changes are required to the proposed amendment to garner our support. The last thing we want to do is have to fight AGAINST a future proposal; we want to fight FOR a solution.

First, while the amendment would require 65% of the total Pier 40 footprint to be open space, we require that at least 50% of the Pier 40 footprint to be active field space at ground level (at least 320,000 square feet). This requirement needs to be in the amendment. We also ask for another 90,000 square feet of outdoor field space and at least 50,000 square feet of indoor community field space, in line with CB2’s latest resolution regarding Pier 40. In conjunction with the development of new fields at Gansevoort Peninsula that we are supporting, such requirements will provide the minimum growth in field space availability to keep up with the growing demand for field space amongst our school-aged children and our community.

Second, DUSC does not support an amendment that prioritizes adaptive reuse of Pier 40.  We support all solutions that meet the minimum requirements as outlined here and we want the opportunity to choose the optimal solution for the community at large.

Third, the amendment needs to be explicit that the applications and process for the development of Pier 40 are subject to a transparent public review process, a ULURP, to ensure among other things, that the quality and safety of fields at Pier 40 are not only improved but also preserved and maintained during the period prior to renovation beginning as well as during construction. At no time during this redevelopment process which could last many years can there be less field space within the Park than exists today. We also recommend that a representative of the youth sports leagues be at the table as the process moves forward.

See you tonight, May 28th and thank you for your continued support.




NYCFC Announces Youth League Offering for Fall of 2019


NYCFC Announces Youth League Offering for Fall of 2019

Downtown United Soccer Club is excited to continue participation in the younger boys league structure with New York City FC in the 2019/20 season for blue and orange teams.

NYCFC will continue to offer a league environment for boys in the U9-U11 division and will be extending it’s offering to the U12 division in the fall of 2019. The league will also be expanding the playing format to engage with the broader tri-state soccer community. Formerly the NYCFC Affiliate Development League (ADL), the restructured league will be named the NYCFC City Soccer League (CSL).

As a youth affiliate of NYCFC, DUSC, along with the seven affiliate clubs will continue to play in the reformatted CSL, along with the addition of clubs from New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, Connecticut, and New Jersey areas.

DUSC families with players participating  in the the CSL can expect the following:

  • Meaningful competition: Inclusion of top-level clubs in talent-rich areas

  • Managing league format and structure: Prioritizes development with age-appropriate guidelines

  • Reduced travel and cost: Increases local competition with no team registration fee

  • Shared sporting values: Allows a transparent player pathway to professional soccer

To streamline integration into the competition, the CSL will be registered and operated under the New York Club Soccer League structure. The internal support from NYCSL will offer players a centralized platform for registration and team mobility as needed for development.

NYCFC Youth Affiliate Clubs:

  • DUSC

  • Manhattan Soccer Club

  • Met Oval

  • New York Soccer Club

  • SUSA

  • TSF

  • World Class

"DUSC is very excited about extending this league to the U12 age group. This is the only league where all of NYC's top clubs play together. Limiting travel and cost while enhancing development and meaningful competition makes this the model league for youth players." – Executive Director, Kevin McCarthy


March Soccer Recycle Reaches Haiti


March Soccer Recycle Reaches Haiti


Downtown United Soccer Club is proud to share that our recent Soccer Recycle donation has reached Haiti.

On March 9th & 10th, we hosted a Soccer Recycle drive in an effort to gather lightly used jerseys and other miscellaneous soccer items. Our item drop off was located right at the field entrance for Pier 40 during a busy and sunny weekend.

Throughout the weekend, it was a common sight to see DUSC parents and families walk up to the donation bins and empty bags full of former DUSC gear. The result of such generosity was a truck full of items which were to be donated to Haiti through a friend of the club, Jean Lagieerre. For more info on Jean, please check out our article that was released during the time of this Soccer Recycle here.

In mid-April, we have been sent imagery and videos of the impact our community has made throughout Haiti. We would like to thank everyone involved in this season’s Soccer Recycle and encourage those to continue to help DUSC make a global impact.

Below you can find video and imagery of our DUSC gear in action!



Girls Free Play Fridays 2019


Girls Free Play Fridays 2019

Downtown United Soccer Club is excited to announce our Girls Free Play Fridays

Cost: FREE

Who: Born in birth year 2008-2012 

What: Free Play Soccer!

Where: Pier 40 Indoor

Dates: April 5th, April 12th, May 3, May 17, and May 31

When: 4:00pm-5:15pm

Why: Fun! Free! Friends! Futbol!


Spring Kickoff Clinic 2019


Spring Kickoff Clinic 2019

3-9 Clinic indv 1.jpg

The weather cooperated on Saturday, and under full spring sun and a temperature in the mid 40's, 60 players took part in the second annual DUSC Spring Kick-Off Clinic. What made the day unique was that all of the players and coaching staff were female. 

“It was an amazing experience to play and learn with a group of all girls, and to have all female coaches.” Simi 2011

“It was a great experience because I was able to play with girls from different age groups and it made me happy to see so many little girls coming out to play soccer. My favorite part was working with the strength and conditioning coaches. It inspired me to train harder. I learned a little bit of everything: speed and agility, ball mastery and we scrimmaged.  I had a lot of fun.” Jordis 2007

Staffing the clinic were DUSC coaches Leanne Campbell, Nicole Carroll, Haley Chow, Oumou Toure and Sierra Kaufman. Joining them was NYU Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kayleigh Fournier who took the girls through agility, coordination and strength building activities.  The professional staff was joined by six players from the DUSC 2002 and 2003 teams who participated as assistant coaches, demonstrators and mentors to the younger players. 

"I loved working with the girls and it was amazing to see the younger ones doing the same fitness that college players do." Stella 2003

"I had a great time working with the amazing coaching staff and the very talented young players at the clinic. It was inspiring to work with this group of all women coaches and to help the next generation of women soccer players develop their skills." Julia 2002

Sarah Dwyer-Shick, DUSC Girls Goalkeeping TD and Special Projects Coordinator - Girls Development initiatives, reflected on the day.

"Watching the interactions and dynamics between the coaches and players was eye opening and I am not sure who had more fun. With the popularity and growing numbers of girls playing soccer it is easy to forget that, while being on a field with coaches and players who all look like younger and older versions of you is an everyday occurrence for boys, it is one that female players rarely, if ever, have. To be able to be in an environment, for even a few hours, where everyone you interact with is someone that you can see yourself in can be an incredibly inspiring experience for both the players and coaches."  


DUSC Leadership Development


DUSC Leadership Development


Downtown United Soccer Club values leadership from within as a means to grow the person and the player. This 2018/2019 season we have begun to integrate leadership opportunities for our older Academy players to serve as mentors. This cross age peer mentoring process places older DUSC players in important decision making roles and enables our younger athletes to interact with role their models.

In 2018, DUSC launched programming designed to build culture and connections between the Girls Academy teams as well as provide additional leadership opportunities for players. As the winter season wraps we want to take a moment to highlight some of the events that have taken place so far.

In the fall, DUSC 2006 and high school-aged teams took part in a joint session run by the coaches where players were able to work one-on-one with their younger or older counterparts. In January, the 2007 and 2008 teams had the opportunity to work with the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 teams at the Columbia University Soccer Bubble. The session was led by the older players with the coaches filling the roles of assistant and facilitator.

Throughout the winter high school-aged players have joined younger teams during regular training sessions. While the coaches facilitated these sessions, it was the high school players who took the lead planning and running the activities.  

As we look to the spring season events continue with the second annual Girls Spring Kick-Off Clinic. The coaching staff for the clinic will be all female and include older DUSC players who will work alongside the head coaches.

Quotes from Our Players:

"I loved how interested the younger players were with the activities being conducted! I was also quite surprised with their skill level, and the different moves they knew!" - Eva 2002

"The girls were really fun and were helping us and I want them again. They were teaching us things and had fun activities to do.” - Imogen 2009

“I love how much energy the girls had! I was excited to use the knowledge I have gained as a player, since being that age, and to help run such a fun session!” - Kyra 2000


Leanne Campbell Press Release


Leanne Campbell Press Release

Leanne (left) with US Women’s National Team International Hope Solo (right)

Leanne (left) with US Women’s National Team International Hope Solo (right)

Downtown United Soccer Club is proud to announce the addition of Leanne Campbell to our office and coaching staff.

Leanne will join our Operations team and focus on scheduling of practices and games, organizing rosters via Sports Illustrated Play, and assembling cards for the girls academy. On the field, Leanne will support the Girl’s Academy teams and add quality and depth to our staff.

Leanne grew up in Liverpool, England with playing experience at both Everton youth academy and for Liverpool Ladies FC. Leanne comes to DUSC with over 12 years of coaching experience. She has attained a National Diploma in Sports Coaching and Education, FA Level 1&2 courses, US E Licence, and Futsal Level 1 diploma in her time as a soccer coach.

Leanne has previously worked for Everton America, a club which is affiliated with the Premier League club, Everton FC. At Everton American, Leanne was the head of the girls program. In addition to being the girl’s program head, she was in charge of the club’s operations which included all of Everton America’s summer programming.

We are pleased that Leanne has found her #DUSCWay and cannot wait for what 2019 has in store.

Kevin McCarthy, Executive Director –

Leanne brings highly desired traits both on and off the field to DUSC. She has excelled as a program coordinator and director while also leading highly successful academy level teams at her previous clubs. Whether in the office or on the pitch, we are confident Leanne will be a dedicated staff member, a strong role model for our players and quickly become a valued ambassador for the club.


Soccer Recycle with Jean Laguerre


Soccer Recycle with Jean Laguerre


Soccer Recycle Donation Drive Alert – On March 9th and 10th DUSC will be collecting lightly used sports wear and equipment to donate to Haiti. Please consider donating if possible.

Downtown United Soccer Club is always looking for ways to give back to the greater soccer community. Over the last 12 months, our organization has worked with a man named Jean Laguerre to donate lightly used soccer equipment, clothing, and gear to Haiti. This is only a small piece of our Soccer Recycle program – a program that has supported the greater soccer community through clothing donations for the majority of the this decade.

Jean has lived in the United States for more than 15 years and is driven to make a positive impact in the world through soccer. The club came into contact with Jean while he was working for Pier 40 as a Facility Security Guard. During his security shifts, Jean would see the passion our coaches and players had during games and training sessions. As we built out our relationship with Jean, we learned more about his relationship with the global game. He would show us images from his home in Haiti and the communities he’s involved with when he visits. Jean also shared how he grew up playing football in Haiti without proper equipment or resources – things we can often take for granted today. In fact, he spent all of his childhood enjoying the game any way he could regardless of what was at his disposal. It was a regular occurrence for Jean to play with no shoes and no uniform, and no traditional ball. He even explained that owning a soccer ball was rare. With this perspective, Jean wishes to change the reality for communities in Haiti.

This is where the partnership between Jean and DUSC formed; at the crux of Haiti’s lack of accessible soccer equipment. Here’s how it works: we give Jean anything and everything soccer related from DUSC uniforms to lightly used cleats and soccer balls. He then uses his own resources to transfer the lightly used gear to Port au Prince, Haiti, where it is dispersed throughout the nation to various communities in need. Jean knows many of the village chiefs there and is able to respond to each village’s need.

Jean has future plans to hold a soccer camp in Haiti on his father’s land. He has learned that it only takes a little bit of hard work to make a huge change. We as an organization are thankful to be a part of his mission – we have a united goal. To show his thanks, Jean gifted us a beautifully handcrafted wooden ship with Haiti inscribed on its sides. Needless to say, it is one of our office’s most prized possessions.


Info Page: Spring Kickoff Clinic March 9th (Girls U7-U13)


Info Page: Spring Kickoff Clinic March 9th (Girls U7-U13)


Warm up this spring with a girls-only morning of soccer!

This clinic will feature DUSC Academy coaching staff and special guest female coaches from outside the club. Open to players of all levels and experience. 

Who: Girls born 2006-2012
Location: Pier 40

Date: March 9th
Time: 10:00-12:00 pm

Cost: $25 (financial aid available upon request)

Special Guest:

Joining the Spring Kick-Off Clinic as a special guest is Kayleigh Fournier, the head strength and conditioning coach at NYU.  Fournier, a native of Millbury, Mass., previously worked at both Dartmouth College and Yale. She earned a Bachelor's degree in human performance at Florida Gulf Coast University and a Master's degree in physical education (emphasis on strength and conditioning) from Bridgewater State University. 

DUSC Coaching Staff:

Sarah Dwyer-Shick, who is in her second year with DUSC, is the Goalkeeping Technical Director for the girls academy program and Special Projects Coordinator for Girls Development Initiatives. She is also currently in her fourth year as the Assistant Men's Coach at Dutchess Community College.

Prior to joining DUSC, Sarah coached at each of the three NCAA divisions including time at the University of Northern Colorado, South Dakota State University, Stony Brook University, Marist College and Pace University. At the youth level she served as the director of the Eastern NY Girls North Olympic Development Program for five years and worked with NY Rush/Patriots for eight. A multiple-sport athlete in college, she graduated from Smith College and later earned a Master's degree in Sports Management from the University of Denver. Her certifications include the U.S. Soccer Youth Licence, NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping and Director of Coaching Diplomas. She is also an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

In 2017, she founded The Sports Bra Project, a nonprofit organization that works to remove barriers and increase access to sports opportunities for girls and women.

Leanne Campbell, a native of Liverpool, England, is in her first year working in an operations and coaching capacity for DUSC. Campbell most recently worked as head coach and operations manager for Everton America in Connecticut. She also served as academy director at Southington Soccer Club and as a head coach at FC Somers. Campbell played for the Everton youth academy and for Liverpool Ladies FC. She earned her national diploma (UK) in Sports Coaching and Education, holds the FA Level 1 and 2 license. 

Nicole Carroll is in her second season with DUSC and is the head women's coach at Monroe College, a program she helped to launch on the school's Bronx Campus in 2017. A native of Bayside, Queens, Carroll was a three-time All CUNYAC goalkeeper for the City College of New York. She currently coaches the DUSC '08 girls team and also works with the club's goalkeepers.

Further questions, email sarah.dwyer-shick@dusc.net


DUSC x WeWork x NYCFC FIFA Tournament


DUSC x WeWork x NYCFC FIFA Tournament


On Tuesday, February 12th DUSC hosted the very first FIFA tournament in club history. For the event, we partnered with WeWork and NYCFC to bring an engaging environment to our community. WeWork kindly provided the event space and NYCFC brought along their Pro FIFA Player, Chris Holly, and also provided great prizes!

The rules of this 32 person tournament were as follows: 1) registrants were to be from our high school aged teams/programs or our WeWork building 2) games would be single elimination and played with 6 minute halves 3) competitors had to stick with the team they picked throughout the entire tournament.

Everything kicked off at 5:30pm with the first round showing the likes of PSG, Juventus, Barcelona, and Man City as popular team selections. NYCFC presence filled the event space as tournament competitors battled each other with focused faces and locked eyes on the TV set ahead of them.

Games were filled with heartbreak and triumph - several of which went to penalty decisions. After all, a lot was at stake this evening. The winner of the inaugural competition went home with two tickets to NYCFC’s 2019 Home Opener, a NYCFC Home Jersey, their own copy of FIFA19 for PS4, and perhaps the best of all...a chance to play FIFA Pro, Chris Holly.

Holly is ranked amongst some of the best FIFA players in the world and represents NYCFC in eMLS competition, the official FIFA league for Major League Soccer. Chris joined us to spectate the latter rounds of the tournament and to offer a Q+A session for our competitors.

Around the midpoint of the evening, our competitors took a break to enjoy some pizza and listen to what Chris had to share about his career as a Pro FIFA player. Holly noted how, just as any skill in life, playing professional FIFA requires relentless practice and effort.

As the tournament came to a close, the group found DUSC B2003 Blue’s Marvin Heilbronn and DUSC B2000 Blue’s Jeremy Tetroashvili in the final. At the end a close fought match, Marvin’s Barcelona side fell 0-2 to Jeremy’s Man City. Jeremy took home the grand prizes – that of which included a final match and eventual 7-1 loss to Chris Holly. But, all things equal, it’s not exactly the Leicester City story.

We want to thank NYCFC, Chris, and all of those who helped bring this event to life. We look forward to hosting more opportunities like this in the future. Who knows, maybe you’re our next FIFA champ?

*Imagery taken during final stages of the tournament.