Winter 2017

January 7 - March 17 (depending on the day)

Classes  Focus on individual player development through our skills based training program including but not limited to dribbling, passing, shooting and creativity.  All classes are taught by our professional coaching staff teaching the 'DUSC Way'.  Open to all players.  

Goalkeeping  Open to all levels of experience. Topics covered include; handling, positioning, reactions, footwork, hand eye coordination, confidence

Finishing (Advanced Class) Focuses on all aspects of goal scoring & finishing. It will help players improve both their technique & mindset for scoring; attacking 1st touch, control, body position, movement, timing and shooting. 

Ball Mastery (Advanced Class)  Focuses on creating a solid foundation of footwork skills. From this base, over the 10 weeks players will learn how to be comfortable on the ball and how to position themselves when receiving the ball. Other topics covered include: footwork, 1st  touch, vision, pass selection v dribbling, positioning/awareness, 1 v 1, aerial control.

GenderBirth YearProgramSessionsDayTimeLocationNeighborhoodCost
Coed2012–11Class9Sat.1:00–1:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$315.00
Coed2012–11Class10Sun.1:00–1:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$350.00
Coed2012–11Class10Tues.3:30–4:25 Pine St. SchoolWall St.$350.00
Coed2012–11Class9Sat.4:00–4:55 PS 234Tribeca$315.00**
Coed2012–11Class10Mon.3:30–4:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00
Coed2012–11Class10Wed.3:30–4:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00**
Coed2012–11Class10Sat.9:00–9:55 AvenuesChelsea$350.00
Coed2012–11Class10Fri.3:00–3:55 St. Patrick’s Old CathedralSoho$350.00
Coed2012–11Class10Thurs.3:00–3:55 St. Patrick’s Old CathedralSoho$350.00
Coed2012–11Class10Tues.3:00–3:55 St. Patrick’s Old CathedralSoho$350.00
Coed2010–09Class9Sat.2:00–2:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$315.00
Coed2010–09Class10Tues.4:30–5:25 Pine St. SchoolWall St.$350.00**
Coed2010–09Class10Wed.5:30–6:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00
Coed2010–09Class9Sat.5:00–5:55 PS 234Tribeca$315.00**
Coed2010–09Class10Sat.10:00–10:55 AvenuesChelsea$350.00
Coed2010–09Class10Mon.4:30–5:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00**
Girls2010–08Class10Sun.2:00–2:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$350.00
Coed2008–07Class10Mon.5:30–6:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00**
Coed2008–07Class10Mon.6:00–6:55 PS 3Greenwich Village$350.00
Coed2008–07Class9Sat.3:00–3:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$315.00
Coed2008–07Finishing*10Sat. 4:00–4:55PS 134 Lower East Side$350.00
Coed2008–07Ball Mastery*10Sat. 5:00–5:55PS 134 Lower East Side$350.00
Coed2008–07Class10Sat.11:00–11:55 AvenuesChelsea$350.00
Girls2007–05Class10Sun.3:00–3:55 Greenwich HouseWest Village$350.00
Coed2006–05Ball Mastery*10Sat. 2:00–2:55PS 134 Lower East Side$350.00
Coed2006–05Finishing*10Sat. 3:00–3:55PS 134 Lower East Side$350.00
Coed2005–08Goalkeeping*10Wed. 4:30–5:25 St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchChelsea$350.00**

*These are advanced classes and not suitable for beginners. Players should have a solid soccer skill base in order to participate. At least two years prior soccer experience is required.

** These classes are currently sold out. You may join a wait list and we will notify you if and when a spot opens up.