A good coach is one who helps his players maximize or discover their potential. That is his principal function.
— Marcelo Bielsa, Argentina and Chile coach

On the Pitch


Technical Director — Girls Academy  Arman Osooli

Technical Director — Girls Goalkeepers Sarah Dwyer-Shick

Technical Director — Boys Academy U7–U11 Gustavo Palomino

Technical Director — Boys Academy U12–U15 Jose Luis Rebay

Technical Director — U16–U23 Kevin McCarthy

Technical Director — Boys Goalkeepers Luis Ramos

Girls Coaches

G2012 Sierra Kaufman, Head Coach

G2011 Oumou Toure, Head Coach

G2010 Oumou Toure, Head Coach

G2009 Blue Adam Norse, Head Coach

G2009 Orange Mario Sanchez, Head Coach

G2008 Blue Arman Osooli, Head Coach

G2008 Orange Nicole Carroll, Head Coach

G2007 Blue Junior Villegas, Head Coach

G2007 Orange Michael Guerrero, Head Coach

G2006 Blue Sarah Dwyer-Shick, Head Coach

G2006 Orange Travis Blair, Head Coach

G2005 Blue Travis Blair, Head Coach; Leah Loguidice, Assistant Coach

G2003 Blue Ulian Goga, Head Coach

G2002 Blue Annie Eckstein, Head Coach; Arman Osooli, Assistant Coach

G2002 Orange Christian Cheuque, Head Coach; Haley Chow, Assistant Coach

G2001 Blue Kimani Calnek, Head Coach

G2000 Blue Eleri Earnshaw, Head Coach; Arman Osooli, Assistant Coach

Boys Coaches

B2012 Juan Lemos; Head Coach; Oswaldo Palomino, Head Coach; Mario Sanchez, Head Coach; Junior Villegas, Head Coach

B2011 Mauricio Maya, Head Coach; Christian Galvan, Head Coach; Danny Rodriguez, Head Coach; Esteban Silva, Head Coach

B2010 Blue Danny Rodriguez, Head Coach

B2010 Orange Mauricio Maya, Head Coach

B2010 White Juan Lemos, Head Coach

B2010 Gold Junior Villegas, Head Coach

B2009 Blue Gustavo Palomino, Head Coach

B2009 Orange Esteban Silva, Head Coach

B2009 White Rolando Gonzalez, Head Coach

B2009 Gold Segundo Paredes, Head Coach

B2008 Blue Christian Galvan, Head Coach

B2008 Orange Esteban Silva, Head Coach

B2008 White Eric Suarez, Head Coach

B2008 Gold Ulian Goga, Head Coach

B2007 Blue Jose Luis Rebay, Head Coach

B2007 Orange Danny Rodriguez, Head Coach

B2007 White Christian Cheque, Head Coach

B2006 Blue Jose Luis Rebay, Head Coach

B2006 Orange Rolando Gonzalez, Head Coach

B2006 White Mathias Heilbronn, Head Coach

B2005 Blue Luis Ramos, Head Coach

B2005 Orange Eric Suarez, Head Coach

B2004 Blue Christian Galvan, Head Coach

B2004 Orange Rolando Gonzalez, Head Coach

B2003 Blue Alex Cuba, Head Coach

B2003 Orange Werner Dasbach, Head Coach

B2002 Blue Gavin Wyse, Head Coach

B2002 Orange Mauricio Maya, Head Coach

B2001 Blue Carl Rees, Head Coach

B2001 Orange Andy Cormack, Head Coach

B2000 Blue Werner Dasbach, Head Coach

In the Office

Executive Director Kevin McCarthy

General Manager Tom Frambach

Program Director Adam Norse

Program Assistant Alex Valles

Operations Manager Malorie Warents

Operations Assistant Leanne Campbell

Operations Assistant Dimitire Draguca

Events + Marketing Josh Krakowsky

Financial Controller
Rasna Defeis

Accountant Kristen Capobianco

Junior Accountant Wenster Rodriguez

The Board

President Andrew Scruton

1st Vice President /Secretary Gary Baddeley

2nd Vice President Isaac-Daniel Astrachan

Treasurer Daniel Holtzman

Director Ken Daniels

Director Paul Fox

Director John Liu

Director Amanda Marsted