Respecting our Referee Community

Soccer is an emotive sport without doubt. It is fast and intense; that's why we love it and devote much of our weekend to it! At the same time these emotions can sometimes lead us to get a little carried away and occasionally question the referee's call. 

Even though you may not mean to be being disrespectful to the referee, questioning any call is simply unacceptable. We are called to be role models. Our younger players are watching your every move and will deem your behavior to be acceptable. In turn they will copy your actions.

Respecting the referee, regardless of their calls, is not only a DUSC mandate but a FIFA worldwide mandate. Please take this responsibility seriously.

DUSC invites High School & College students to "give back" to the community by refereeing in our Recreational League. Therefore our referees are still learning and will often make mistakes. We ask that, as parents and coaches, you take this into account and continue to support them. DUSC provides the referees with training and on-going support in their development.

We are just over the half way mark in the season now! The level of soccer has been outstanding so far! Please keep up the great work. Again, our league would not work without your support. Please do not underestimate how much fun our players have over the course of the weekend; what's more they are learning valuable life skills from the game and making new friends at the same time!