In late August, DUSC hosted a club wide uniform drive. This was inspired by the change of our Academy uniforms, which happens on a two year cycle. The 2019/2020 season marks a time to bring in new uniforms, and in our case, donate the old to our global community in need. Along with our Academy donations, we encouraged those from our other programs to donate their old uniforms and shirts as well.

This drive, DUSC made a donation to both Haiti and Cameroon. Our donation to Haiti was facilitated by club friend, Jean Laguerre. He provides our club with a strong connection to Haiti and those in need there. Our donation to Cameroon was facilitated by Manny Tadonkeng who is a friend of our Operations Assistant, Dimitrie Draguca. Manny reached out to DUSC expressing the need in Cameroon and we were more than happy to incorporate his cause for this drive.  


On the day, we were able to donate over 30 trash bags full of uniforms and cleats. While this is a great donation, we understand that complications with the new uniform limited the club from an even greater impact. Many families were unable to donate because they had not yet received their new uniforms and therefore had to hold on to the old one. To respond to this inconvenience, we will be holding another drive in November for those families who couldn’t make a contribution.

Thank you for your generosity!