Downtown United Soccer Club partner, The US Soccer Foundation, ran an activation with Adidas throughout the month of June to promote both the women’s game as well as metropolitan field creation for soccer. 

Adidas packaged together “Creators Kits” which were distributed to regional partners and clubs via the US Soccer Foundation. These kits comprised of an Adidas drawstring bag, a size 4 ball, white chalk, custom Adidas “Dare to Create” tape, and stickers. The items were included in the kit in an effort to give kids all the tools they would need to be able to create a fully functional pitch to play soccer anywhere.

The Foundation asked clubs like DUSC to send photos or videos of their players using the Creator Kits. The media gathered was then to be submitted through email for a chance to get a free mini-pitch in their community. 

There’s no secret about the lack of playing space in the Downtown Manhattan area. With the help of the Foundation, DUSC jumped onto an opportunity to engage with this campaign and try to make a difference in the community. We were able to gather a group of middle school and high school aged girls to activate this campaign in a fun and creative way. This group was special, as it was made up of girls already in preparation for their International Trip to France this summer.

In the middle of a sunny Wednesday, the group met together at William F. Passannante Ballfield to lay chalk to the pavement and create a 4 v. 4 concrete pitch. Through teamwork, this group put together one of the nicer soccer facilities in Manhattan. Adidas branded “Dare to Create” tape marked the sidelines with chalk indicating the goalkeeping box, corner spots, and halfway line. For goals, local empty trash cans would do. 

After creating the pitch, the girls warmed up with some soccer tennis and then got to 4 v. 4 competition. The day was full of invention and fun. To top it all off, a quick pit stop at 7/11 for water and Slurpees on a hot summer’s day before one last DUSC training in the evening at Pier 40. 


One of the older participants, Amelia Negrete, had a comment on the Foundation’s effort to create more space for soccer in communities. She tied this to the special scenario we find ourselves in the Greater NYC area, “There is definitely not enough field space in NYC. Soccer practice, despite being only an hour and a half takes up a huge chunk of time because it’s hard to find space nearby. In the winter seasons, I always find myself traveling over an hour to small indoor courts or even to New Jersey just to find space to play.”

Amelia Negrete

Amelia Negrete

Amelia also shared with us her excitement for the International Trip to France, “On a more upbeat note I am incredibly excited to travel to France!! Not only do we get to see the World Cup, but we also get to explore a different country and meet many new people. I am most excited to play French teams because we come from different cultures but share the same love for soccer and I’m sure it is going to be an incredible experience.”


We know Amelia and the rest of the girls group had a great time in France as they not only trained and competed abroad, but also got to attend the final matches of the Women’s World Cup! Look forward to a recap of their trip coming soon.

A special thanks to Adidas, the US Soccer Foundation, and all of the girls who participated in creating a concrete pitch in Downtown Manhattan. We’re looking forward to hearing back from the Foundation regarding our submission. 


Full Gallery Below – Images by Jeb Burroughs