As DUSC transitions into the summer months, we also prepare to say goodbye to some of our graduating players.

These players range from first year DUSC participants to long term players of the club. Athletes from the following teams will be graduating this year: G2001 Blue, G2000 Blue, B2001 Orange, B2001 Blue, and B2000 Blue.

Our graduation send off started on May 30th at the Annual Parent Night in which we celebrated those who will be taking their next steps. The slideshow below showcases actions photos of our seniors as well as where they will be headed when they transition towards their respective futures.

Parent Night had two player speakers, who addressed their favorite moments from DUSC and the impact the club has had on their life thus far. Eli Hertz spoke on behalf of our DUSC girls graduating while Sacha Weiss spoke on behalf of the boys.

We reached out to both Eli and Sacha to share about their DUSC experiences for those who weren’t able to attend Parent Night.

“I started DUSC 8 years ago, in a little gym on the upper west side, in 5th grade. If I had to choose my favorite memories, they would be the games we won with 10 players; or the games we won after being down 2-0; or the games we won in pouring rain, in 90 degree weather etc. those games always seemed the most rewarding and always brought our group closer and at the same time taught us so much. The biggest lesson I learned at DUSC had to do with removing myself from my own bubble. Meaning soccer, in its simplest form, has a whole team relying on each other to succeed, so if you are having an off day, you have to remember that it affects everyone. In other words, playing for the whole team; thinking about the whole team.” - Eli Hertz

“I’ve been at DUSC since 5 years old. DUSC has always been my home and I’m quite proud of the loyalty I’ve shown towards my club in the past fourteen years. Some of my greatest memories include this year’s success - winning the top flight at Potomac (beating rivals Manhattan SC and reigning national champions Baltimore Celtic) and winning the Eastern NY State Cup. I’ll never forget the various coaches I’ve had at DUSC, they have all been strong leaders for me to look up to as I have grown up. Lastly, the bond I have with my teammates from battling together in training or matches are the greatest emotions that I’ll recall in the years to come. The feeling when the final whistle blows after you feel that you have done something truly special, as a collective, is distinct to anything else in the world. I am a blue forever. I’ll be back in the future to bring this club more glory.” - Sacha Weiss

As Sacha referenced, our goodbye with this class is particularly sweetened as our B2000 Blue team closed off their DUSC chapter by winning both the Potomac Memorial Tournament and Eastern New York State Cup.

The victory at Potomac resulted from 1-0 shutout against the #1 team in the nation, Baltimore Celtic SC 2000. The confidence from the Potomac victory rolled into State Cup competition as our B2000 Blue team defeated Black Watch Premier 3-1.

We wish the best for our graduating players and hope to stay in touch!

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Alison Buckley, G2000 Blue

Ambrosier Mitchell, G2000 Blue

Amelia Negrete, G2000 Blue

Ana Berman, G2000 Blue

Clara Burger, G2000 Blue

Eli Hertz, G2000 Blue

Gillian Randall, G2000 Blue

Kyra Birenbaum, G2000 Blue

Olivia Chinitz, G2000 Blue

Paris Gallagher, G2000 Blue

Amelia Smith, G2001 Blue

Amelia Glendening, G2001 Blue

Angye Galan, G2001 Blue

Etta Gold, G2001 Blue

Jessica Blanchard, G2001 Blue

Kaitlyn Fountain, G2001 Blue

Karol Guaman, G2001 Blue

Michelle Reyes, G2001 Blue

Noelle Parks, G2001 Blue

Zoe Contrubis, G2001 Blue

Sacha Weiss, B2000 Blue

Amiel Morrison, B2000 Blue

Elias Venetis, B2000 Blue

Guillermo Purchese, B2000 Blue

Jeremy Tetroashvili, B2000 Blue

Julian Burden, B2000 Blue

Lukas Kokkola, B2000 Blue

Mohammedou Sow, B2000 Blue

Nicholas Tagios, B2000 Blue

Omar Baddeley, B2000 Blue

Ryan Chuang, B2000 Blue

Thomas Ivashkiv, B2000 Blue

Andre Eisenberg, B2001 Blue

Claudio Ferri, B2001 Blue

Dan-Marlon Ospina, B2001 Blue

David Lopez, B2001 Blue

Edwin Zúñiga Lopez, B2001 Blue

Jack Posner, B2001 Blue

Joseph Petrini, B2001 Blue

Josiah Potts, B2001 Blue

Juan Cardenas, B2001 Blue

Julian Juantorena, B2001 Blue

Ryan Contreras, B2001 Blue

Anthony Lopez, B2001 Orange

George Chachkes, B2001 Orange

Jake Danese, B2001 Orange

Jose Martinez, B2001 Orange

Mario Olmedo, B2001 Orange

Martino Pellegrin, B2001 Orange

Omar Ndiaye, B2001 Orange

Omar Samih, B2001 Orange