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The weather cooperated on Saturday, and under full spring sun and a temperature in the mid 40's, 60 players took part in the second annual DUSC Spring Kick-Off Clinic. What made the day unique was that all of the players and coaching staff were female. 

“It was an amazing experience to play and learn with a group of all girls, and to have all female coaches.” Simi 2011

“It was a great experience because I was able to play with girls from different age groups and it made me happy to see so many little girls coming out to play soccer. My favorite part was working with the strength and conditioning coaches. It inspired me to train harder. I learned a little bit of everything: speed and agility, ball mastery and we scrimmaged.  I had a lot of fun.” Jordis 2007

Staffing the clinic were DUSC coaches Leanne Campbell, Nicole Carroll, Haley Chow, Oumou Toure and Sierra Kaufman. Joining them was NYU Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kayleigh Fournier who took the girls through agility, coordination and strength building activities.  The professional staff was joined by six players from the DUSC 2002 and 2003 teams who participated as assistant coaches, demonstrators and mentors to the younger players. 

"I loved working with the girls and it was amazing to see the younger ones doing the same fitness that college players do." Stella 2003

"I had a great time working with the amazing coaching staff and the very talented young players at the clinic. It was inspiring to work with this group of all women coaches and to help the next generation of women soccer players develop their skills." Julia 2002

Sarah Dwyer-Shick, DUSC Girls Goalkeeping TD and Special Projects Coordinator - Girls Development initiatives, reflected on the day.

"Watching the interactions and dynamics between the coaches and players was eye opening and I am not sure who had more fun. With the popularity and growing numbers of girls playing soccer it is easy to forget that, while being on a field with coaches and players who all look like younger and older versions of you is an everyday occurrence for boys, it is one that female players rarely, if ever, have. To be able to be in an environment, for even a few hours, where everyone you interact with is someone that you can see yourself in can be an incredibly inspiring experience for both the players and coaches."