DUSC Supports Amending the Hudson River Park Act ONLY IF more Sports Fields are guaranteed within the Act 

Dear DUSC Community,

There is another important meeting THIS EVENING, May 28th in our continuing efforts to see Pier 40 transformed to include the sports facilities that downtown Manhattan needs and deserves.  Our Local and State Elected Officials invite you to a Public Forum from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at MS 279, 75 Morton Street, Auditorium.  This is a forum to allow community feedback on a proposed amendment to the Hudson River Park Act that would allow commercial office use at Pier 40.  See proposed language  HERE DUSC needs to be represented and to voice our position.  We need your support again.

We support a changing of the Act and, while we appreciate the progress that has been made by our Elected Officials in developing this amendment, certain changes are required to the proposed amendment to garner our support. The last thing we want to do is have to fight AGAINST a future proposal; we want to fight FOR a solution.

First, while the amendment would require 65% of the total Pier 40 footprint to be open space, we require that at least 50% of the Pier 40 footprint to be active field space at ground level (at least 320,000 square feet). This requirement needs to be in the amendment. We also ask for another 90,000 square feet of outdoor field space and at least 50,000 square feet of indoor community field space, in line with CB2’s latest resolution regarding Pier 40. In conjunction with the development of new fields at Gansevoort Peninsula that we are supporting, such requirements will provide the minimum growth in field space availability to keep up with the growing demand for field space amongst our school-aged children and our community.

Second, DUSC does not support an amendment that prioritizes adaptive reuse of Pier 40.  We support all solutions that meet the minimum requirements as outlined here and we want the opportunity to choose the optimal solution for the community at large.

Third, the amendment needs to be explicit that the applications and process for the development of Pier 40 are subject to a transparent public review process, a ULURP, to ensure among other things, that the quality and safety of fields at Pier 40 are not only improved but also preserved and maintained during the period prior to renovation beginning as well as during construction. At no time during this redevelopment process which could last many years can there be less field space within the Park than exists today. We also recommend that a representative of the youth sports leagues be at the table as the process moves forward.

See you tonight, May 28th and thank you for your continued support.