On Tuesday, February 12th DUSC hosted the very first FIFA tournament in club history. For the event, we partnered with WeWork and NYCFC to bring an engaging environment to our community. WeWork kindly provided the event space and NYCFC brought along their Pro FIFA Player, Chris Holly, and also provided great prizes!

The rules of this 32 person tournament were as follows: 1) registrants were to be from our high school aged teams/programs or our WeWork building 2) games would be single elimination and played with 6 minute halves 3) competitors had to stick with the team they picked throughout the entire tournament.

Everything kicked off at 5:30pm with the first round showing the likes of PSG, Juventus, Barcelona, and Man City as popular team selections. NYCFC presence filled the event space as tournament competitors battled each other with focused faces and locked eyes on the TV set ahead of them.

Games were filled with heartbreak and triumph - several of which went to penalty decisions. After all, a lot was at stake this evening. The winner of the inaugural competition went home with two tickets to NYCFC’s 2019 Home Opener, a NYCFC Home Jersey, their own copy of FIFA19 for PS4, and perhaps the best of all...a chance to play FIFA Pro, Chris Holly.

Holly is ranked amongst some of the best FIFA players in the world and represents NYCFC in eMLS competition, the official FIFA league for Major League Soccer. Chris joined us to spectate the latter rounds of the tournament and to offer a Q+A session for our competitors.

Around the midpoint of the evening, our competitors took a break to enjoy some pizza and listen to what Chris had to share about his career as a Pro FIFA player. Holly noted how, just as any skill in life, playing professional FIFA requires relentless practice and effort.

As the tournament came to a close, the group found DUSC B2003 Blue’s Marvin Heilbronn and DUSC B2000 Blue’s Jeremy Tetroashvili in the final. At the end a close fought match, Marvin’s Barcelona side fell 0-2 to Jeremy’s Man City. Jeremy took home the grand prizes – that of which included a final match and eventual 7-1 loss to Chris Holly. But, all things equal, it’s not exactly the Leicester City story.

We want to thank NYCFC, Chris, and all of those who helped bring this event to life. We look forward to hosting more opportunities like this in the future. Who knows, maybe you’re our next FIFA champ?

*Imagery taken during final stages of the tournament.