As the summer months come to a close and we see a capricious change to fall weather, DUSC begins its 2019/2020 season.

The end of summer was very successful with our Men's U23 team winning the EDP Regional Championship for a second consecutive year. Alongside this, our 2003 Boys Academy were finalists at the prestigious Surf Cup in California. 

We turn now to fall competitions across DUSC programming. Our Boys and Girls Academy have over 750 participants, while the Development League squads continue to expand with over 70 participants this season. 

DUSC welcomes Alexandra Keaney to our Girls Academy as the Technical Coordinator of girls ages U7-U11. Alex will focus on the overall development and growth of those ages as well as coach two Girls Academy teams, G2010 Blue and G2003/04 Blue. 

DUSC Fall Recreation League has seen very healthy growth of 10% this year to almost 500 participants. These players are complimented by 90 community based volunteers helping to coach every weekend. This is paired with consistent participation in Classes + Clinics attended by both Rec and Academy players.

This email began with a note about winning a championship; however, the real trophies we strive for daily are myriad: they range from the smile on your child's face after a game, the satisfaction of seeing kids experience the joy of competition while learning to both win and lose with grace, the magic of teammates becoming childhood friends, the delight to wake up and look forward to sharing the day together, to the mix of amusement and compassion while seeing your son trip and fall because his 10 year old legs have not caught up to his 13 year old body or the heart bursting pride you feel as your daughter goes unsolicited to console the girl crying from the losing team. 

These are all trophies—gifts we wouldn’t have if you didn’t sacrifice your time and freedom to make them happen. We are tremendously appreciative that you trust DUSC to partner with you in the development of your child's youth soccer experience on and off the field. It is a privilege and responsibility we dedicate our time and effort to every day.

Executive Director,

Kevin McCarthy