DUSC Academy Teams at the NY Cup Championships

In line with our developmental philosophy, our club does not enter State Cup competition until U12 (2006). We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our teams on and off the field, and would like to recognize the achievements of our teams who have made it to the next stage of competition. Best of luck to all teams competing in the semifinals. Play with integrity and play the “DUSC Way”.


B2006 Blue - Champions (Gold division) 


B2006 Blue — Semi-Finals (Gold division)
B2006 Orange — Semi-Finals (Silver division)
B2004 Orange — Semi-Finals (Silver division)
B2002 Blue — Semi-Finals (Gold division)
B2000 Blue — Semi-Finals (Gold division)
B1999 Blue — Semi-Finals (Silver division)


B2006 Blue — Quarterfinals (Gold division)
B2006 Orange — Quarterfinals (Silver division)
B2004 Orange — Quarterfinals (Silver division)
B2002 Blue — Quarterfinals (Gold division)
B2002 Orange — Quarterfinals (Silver division)
B2000 Blue — Quarterfinals (Gold division)
B2000 Orange — Round of 16 (Silver division)
G2000 Blue — Quarterfinals (Gold division)
B1999 Blue — Quarterfinals (Silver division)


B2006 Blue Champions of NY State Cup

B2006 Blue Champions of NY State Cup