By the way Katharine speaks you wouldn’t think she is a 17 year old high school senior preparing to take her next steps in life. With a mature tone, Katharine explained how she was born and raised at DUSC. She started her Recreation career at age four playing for team Ethiopia. As it turns out, she was paving the way for a long tenure at DUSC. With clearly a keen eye for history, Katharine found herself on the first DUSC girls travel team. It was on this team that she played until the spring of 2017, when she became a volunteer coach for DUSC Recreation. In quick succession, Katharine became an Assistant Coach to the program. Her time as an Assistant Coach was brief as she was quickly promoted to Head Coach.

Becoming a Recreation Head Coach is part of the continuous development of The DUSC Way for Katharine and symbolic of her enduring commitment and passion for DUSC. To support Katharine’s continued development, DUSC was happy to endorse her USSF coaching license for grassroots competition. Katharine took a near 5 hour course divided into two sections: classroom learning and real life implementation.

Katharine spoke to us about her new journey as Head Coach for a Recreation team and what about Recreation impacts her the most. She explained that Recreation is everything and anything. It is a mix of players touching the ball for the very first time in an organized fashion combined with seasoned players looking to have plain fun. For many, she explained, it is a period of exploration; What is soccer to you? For all, she continued, it is a wonderful community building experience.

We asked her to look back at one of her favorite moments from Recreation so far. She was quick to explain that her first Head Coach as a Recreation player was Oumou Toure, current G2011 and G2010 Academy Head Coach. Take a guess who her first Head Coach was when she was an Assistant Head Coach for Recreation? You guessed it, Oumou Toure. This full circle experience was a truly special moment for her.

Katharine explained how life long friendships can be formed in Recreation because it is pressure free. There are no team cuts or evaluations made, just pure sporting fun. She noted that some of her best friends throughout her soccer career started in our Recreation program. As we finished our chat, she explained that her favorite part of a Recreation season is opening day. As she put it, “little bundles of joy are running around and uniting around the coaches…” That sounds like a beginning of the DUSC Way to us Katharine, don’t you think?