Lou Chiorazzi has been a  parent coach in our DUSC Recreation League since last winter. He took some time to share his experience with us. . . .

How did you learn about the DUSC Recreation League?

I searched online for a larger girls program because the one I was using across town had limited girls, so they mixed 10- to 15-year-olds. I was concerned that my daughter, at the time 10 years old, would be discouraged by the bigger players, and wanted her with similar age and sized girls. I also knew about DUSC from a parent of an Academy player, who I admire, he loves the game and has nothing but good things to say about DUSC. His son also flourished and continues to play today.

Did you have any prior soccer or coaching experience?

Some minor assistant coaching experience in my daughter's prior league, but not prior coaching skill, or major soccer knowledge, just a love and appreciation for the game. When I came to DUSC last season, I coached the Winter Coed league. I really enjoyed the time.

What do you enjoy most about being a parent-coach?

I truly enjoy seeing the players get excited to play the game, and observing the natural teamwork that dynamically forms. The natural love to be sporty, compete and have fun with others. They want to do well, some know how to do that, and some don't. Trying to help find a balance is the most fun for me. It's rewarding to me to provide basic guidance to simple game situations, positioning, passing, shooting, to help build confidence in their game, while encouraging teamwork. Sometimes a little extra attention to teaching a player makes a difference. It's limited time we have on the field, but it's quality time as DUSC provides a laid back and fun environment, with the support of the coaches. A great way to introduce, or continue to encourage players for the game.

What would you say to a parent who is considering coaching this winter but still undecided?

Dive in and just let your natural ability to even consider getting involved, to get involved. Most parents are fully capable of what's needed to coach. Encouraging the players, the teamwork, balancing playing time, and simply cheering. You don't need to know a lot about the game. You'll learn if you get involved. The DUSC coaches will help and the kids can naturally figure out, or know the game anyway. It rubs off on everyone. Coaching at DUSC, less is more in general.  Your simple presence and care for the players will go a long way.

How does your daughter feel about you being her coach?

My daughter is definitely proud that I coach. It's a symbiotic activity for both of us, as I want her to put in more effort to achieve her best, whatever that ends up being regardless of skills and result, and she sees me leading by example to put in the effort with her, and the other players. Showing care is half the battle. I continue to grow a love for the game over the years and think it's the best sport for anyone to play, especially children. The game encourages the players to put in effort and find their way to be effective on the pitch. I've seen work ethic improve, teamwork take shape, relationships build, and sheer enjoyment in the flow of the game, regardless of the final result.  

What does being a part of the DUSC Community mean to you?

DUSC made my daughter and me feel welcome, included and valued to be a member.  An inclusive model with recreational options, camps, skills classes, and a future potential academy option makes DUSC worth committing time to build a player to their maximum potential.

NYCFC or Red Bulls?

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If you are interested in becoming a Parent Coach in our Winter Recreation League please let us know. No prior soccer experience necessary!