DUSC is delighted to announce that Anya Augustine, a player on Coach Leah Loguidice’s G2005 Blue team, is the first winner of our inaugural “I am DUSC” essay competition. In addition to Anya, other division winners were Ryan Marrus (1998-2002) and Lucas Schaeffer (2006-2008). Following are Anya's inspiring words.

Having good character is key to being a soccer player. Having good character is key because playing soccer requires being committed to soccer, hard-working, you have to have good sportsmanship, you have to be supportive, and, most importantly you have to have fun and love the game. Those are all things that are a part of having a good character as a soccer player. 

Having good character means to have good sportsmanship. The game may be going in your favor or it might not be. It's important to stay positive, and try your best. Having good character also means being a supportive team member. Your teammates will be with you for a while so it's important that you support them, and yourself. It will help you and your team members improve as soccer players. 

Aside from being supportive and having good sportsmanship, having good character means to be a hard worker. Soccer requires a lot of commitment and a lot of hard work. It's important to push yourself and your teammates to work harder than you did last practice. 

Having good character also means to be respectful. If you are respectful to your team it will help you bond with them and become a stronger team. You have to be kind to your teammates and coaches and respect their wishes. And, although it's very important to respect your team members and coaches, it's also extremely important to respect yourself. It's extremely difficult to improve as a soccer player if you're constantly putting yourself down. You have to acknowledge that you're making progress and respect yourself. 

Having good character definitely means to have good sportsmanship, be a supportive team member, work hard and be very respectful. However, having good character as a soccer player most importantly means to have fun. Soccer is a sport in which you learn, make new friends and have fun. It's important to have fun because it makes soccer practice more enjoyable for you and your friends and, you will improve as a soccer at a much faster rate. every day if you show up to date soccer with a smile on your face, shows that you're excited to learn and improve and keep playing soccer. 

In conclusion having good character is very important to being a soccer player and, have a good character means a lot to me. It means to be supportive, hard-working, respectful, and to have good sportsmanship and most importantly to have fun. DUSC has taught me so much about having good character as a soccer player, and I will continue to improve my characteristics and I will continue to grow as a soccer player.