This summer, we had a young talent represent DUSC at the Young Leaders Summit that was held at the Manchester City's City Football Academy facilities. Here are a few words from Daniel Gutierrez (third from right):

My name is Dani I am 18 years old, i live in New York City, I am a young leader willing to express my knowledge to others. Ive been playing soccer since i was 4 years old, it has becomemy passion and it is what i love doing. With soccer I've learned that it can change someones life it can give anyone a very healthy lifestyle and it can build up your confidence. The young leader summit which took place in Manchester, England was an amazing experience I got to meet very interesting people & learn about many different cultures. At the summit there was people from South Africa, Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, Manchester & New York. Each country was presenting a project that they had going on in which young leaders would express a topic through soccer. Also showing how playing soccer will make you have a healthy lifestyle.

Dani has also been a coach at our Summer Camp this year and will be the U13 White and U13 Blue Assistant Coach this Fall season. We wish him the best!