Mario Sanchez.jpg

Mario Sanchez-Blanco

B2013, Head Coach



La Paz, Bolivia


Bookkeeping, Bolivia
ESL Molloy College L.I. and Fordham University

Coaching credentials 

National Youth License — USSF
“C” License USSF
Coerver Diploma

Coaching history 

Asphalt Green, about fifteen years
Manhattan Kickers, six years
DUSC, 2012–present
Nightingale Bamford School, Varsity Coach, 1998–2005
Trevor Day School, Varsity Coach, 2005–present

Coaching philosophy 

Teach the FUNdamentals of the game.


Several Championships within CJSL; AAIS Champions, 2010-11; AAIS Champions, 2013–14

Favorite club 

Bolivar, Barcelona, Manchester City, NYCFC

Favorite book 

Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson; El Futbol a Sol y Sombra by Eduardo Galeano

Favorite movie 

My Life as a Dog 

Favorite song 

Pink Floyd, Police, Elton John, Eagles, Beatles . . .