Healthy Competition

I wanted to specifically address a number of emails that I have received from parents and coaches with regards to the "Mercy Rule". 

In no way was the implementation of the "Mercy Rule" designed to reduce the competitiveness of the league. Although DUSC does not place sole emphasis on winning and losing, we still do recognize that this is part of the game. We certainly do not want to remove this element from our league as it does help our players learn valuable lessons, both from a win and a loss (humility, class, sportsmanship, defeat is temporary, fail forward etc).

The reason we introduced the “Mercy Rule” was for damage limitation purposes and to avoid unnecessary humiliation of teams via heavy loses. It was certainly not brought in to level the playing field for teams in an arbitrary manner, or to allow the losing team to play "catch up". If teams who were winning prior to the rule taking effect find their margin being reduced, then they have the right to begin scoring goals again to maintain their winning margin.

Moreover, the “Mercy Rule” is more of a “spirit” within the league and a code of conduct between coaches and teams. The ruling and implementation of it is not black and white. If a team is winning by a margin of 6 goals, I think it is fair to say that the trailing team is no longer in contention to win (or even draw) the game. The ruling simply reduces the risk of excess humiliation and long term scarring. 

Again, although DUSC sees the score line as secondary to the overall development of our players, we do recognize that our league should be kept competitive. 

I hope this helps to clarify our ideas and thoughts behind introducing this ruling into the league.

As always, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your continued support.