Ensuring a Positive Soccer Experience

As a Recreational League, the DUSC philosophy is all about developing our players on and off the soccer field. We want players to learn about the game, acquire new skills and to have fun at the same time.

Whatever level of soccer our players go on to play in the future, we simply want to equip our players with a base level of skills that allows them to be involved in soccer, regardless of the level, for the rest of their lives. 

Unlike other Recreation Leagues, the DUSC emphasis is not on winning or even keeping score. This approach sometimes divides opinions, however we stand by this core developmental belief.

As you can imagine, creating evenly balanced teams is a near impossible task. DUSC and our parent coordinators do their best but we cannot guarantee that all teams will be equal. Teams winning by huge margins and players scoring goal after goal does not do anybody any good. Nobody wins. Having been involved in similar experiences myself as a younger player, I can tell you that they only nothing positive comes out of those games. The team on the receiving end is scarred, the winning team isn't challenged, neither team learns anything and soccer is the biggest loser. 

Mercy Rule

Moving forwards, DUSC will be asking all teams to play by the “mercy rule”. This is where teams cannot lead by more than 6 goals (eg. 6-0, 2-8, 7-1). If a team takes a lead of 6 goals we ask that parent coaches look to switch their team around, change the position of players, maybe work on your passing/ possession game. Even though you are not scoring the game can still be used to develop your team's skills.

Please note the "mercy rule" is not designed to humiliate other teams, so coaches please use your discretion when communicating this to your players (maybe do not even mention what you are doing to your players) If used correctly and in the right spirit, the rule works fantastically and both teams have a positive experience. 

Again, DUSC is invested in the long-term development of our youth soccer players and we are confident that playing the game in right way strengthens our ultimate objective, more kids staying involved in the game.

We thank you for your support in implementing this new rule.