Be Inspiring

I want to encourage you to really inspire our players and let them know what a great job they have done this fall. Let them know how much they have improved and developed. I have enjoyed watching games, seeing teams develop and players just having FUN!

The great thing about sport and soccer in particular (I am biased!) is that it teaches younger players great lessons that will set them up to better handle life's future challenges. It shows players the importance of effort and commitment. Players learn how to be mentally tough and how to dust themselves down and go again after a set-back. I like to call this "bouncebackability". Through soccer they realize that failure or defeat isn't permanent and that it's part of the journey. Sport emphasizes the need for teamwork, communication and collaboration. Playing the game fairly and with class is what it is all about.

As a coach and parent, regardless of experience, we are all in the privileged position of being able to speak into the lives of our players. We have the chance to remind them that if they have given their all and played the game in the right way, no matter what the score is, they are all champions. 

The DUSC philosophy combines developing youth soccer players on the field whilst also encouraging them to be the best they can be off the field. Thank you for helping us to put this into action this year. Without your support as coaches and parents we would not have this fantastic opportunity for children to realize their potential as players and people.

DUSC is a community youth soccer club. It is your club. There is a home for all players whatever age or ability.