If you do what you have always done, you will never get further than you have always gotten.
— Horst Wein, German author


Focus on individual player development through our skills based training program including but not limited to dribbling, passing, shooting and creativity.  All classes are taught by our professional coaching staff teaching the 'DUSC Way'.  Open to all players, however players may be split into groups based on ability.  

  • Dynamic Warm up
  • Juggling/Ball mastery
  • Topic of the week
  • Small sided games


Focus on individual player development, with more depth in certain topics of the game.  All clinics taught by our professional coaching staff teaching the 'DUSC Way'.  Open to all players, however players may be split into groups based on ability.   

  • Goalkeeping Topics covered include; handling, positioning, reactions, footwork, hand eye coordination, confidence.
  • Finishing Focuses on all aspects of goal scoring & finishing,  helping players improve both their technique & mindset for scoring; attacking 1st touch, control, body position, movement, timing and shooting. 
  • Ball Mastery Focuses on creating a solid foundation of footwork skills. From this base, players will learn how to be comfortable on the ball and how to position themselves when receiving the ball. Other topics covered include: footwork, 1st  touch, vision, pass selection v dribbling, positioning/awareness, 1 v 1.

Schedule Winter 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are DUSC Classes suitable for?

DUSC classes are suitable for boys and girls ages 4 to 14. (Please see current schedule for more details). 

Is previous soccer experience required?

No. Our classes are designed for all levels of experience. We offer Advanced Classes for players with more soccer experience

What topics will be covered?

DUSC professional coaches will cover a 10 week curriculum including; dribbling, stopping, turning, passing, movement and shooting.

Do you offer girls-only classes?

Yes. We offer both coed and girls-only sessions

How long does each session last?

Sessions last 55 minutes (unless otherwise stated)

How many players are in each group?

DUSC aims to always have a ratio of 1 coach to 10 players

What is your rain policy?

We will always play in the rain when possible, however if the rain is torrential we will cancel. In addition, if rain is combined with low temperatures we will cancel the session, especially for our younger players. We Will also cancel in the event of thunder or lightning. 

When will you notify us about cancelled classes?

DUSC will generally communicate at least four hours in advance of any session being cancelled. You can find the weather policy here. In rare cases, classes are cancelled at shorter notice due to permitting issues or other constraints outside of our control. We will always communicate cancellations in advance, however we thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Do you offer make-up dates?

Yes. We will always attempt to provide make-up date for cancelled classes when space is available. 

What happens if a class is full?

You can register for the waitlist and you will be informed if a space opens up. Please don't contact us. You will receive an automatic email when space opens up. If you don't hear from us that means no spots became available.

Can I drop off my son or daughter and pick them up later?

We ask that all children are accompanied by an adult during each class

What equipment do I need?

Players should bring a ball, water and shin guards. DUSC will provide each player with a t-shirt. Please wear the t-shirt to every session.